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Only 3 words 

... I LOVE HIM ♥

 Crochet moose pattern by VendulkaM

He is not only Christmas Decoration. He is smart and funny and handsome. 

 Crochet moose pattern by VendulkaM

And what if you will make the hair using shaggy yarn?

 Crochet moose pattern by VendulkaM

Just a little talk, buddy!

 Crochet Moose pattern by VendulkaM

The pattern is ready in my store HERE, my dears :-) I described both variations, there are plenty of pictures, step by step tutorial. If you would like to use the same yarn as I, you could buy it HERE. Enjoy your crocheting :-)  вязание от вендулы мадерски

 Crochet moose pattern by VendulkaM

And I almost forget - the second candle was lit. Peaceful advent time, my dears ♥

.......... ♥.......... 

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Hi, my dears,
the first candle was lit, so the advent time was begun. I wish you, to spend it in peace, no rush and good mood ♥ Well, I would like to spend this beautiful time that way at least.

Do you like Christmas and Christmas creating? I personally do a lot. But to be honest, always I imagine, how I will have prepared all in time and the house will be clean, the garden was done, and also all my orders and I will be calm and I will share the happiness. I don't know, I still can't do it as my mom in my childhood memories. It is a lot of work in front of me, I guess :-)

But back to creating! This year we have a new wreath :-) Easy and quick and I love it. The yarn has a little sparkle in the sun and it looks gorgeous. The bird I rescued from the last wreath, so little cheating with crocheting :-)

Crochet christmas wreath

So my dears, I am going back to the orders and to my fairies, who celebrated the beginning of the Advent with some infection. My older fairy had yesterday her first speak with the God. She doesn't believe in God, even I do. I took her with me to the church, but unfortunately, we haven't the luck for the preaching (deputy old priest's speech) and both fairies left the church with the cry. So I let it go... And yesterday evening, she told: "So, God, it is the Christmas time and you let me get ill. So, please, make me feel better at least and fall asleep soon, so I don't feel the pain".  She missed the school's trip to the folk museum with the Christmas tradition. She was sooo much looking forward to being there with her schoolmates. She said: "Mom, and what if it will be the memory for all life?". She was so sad. You know, as a mom, how is that feeling, seeing it. But then she said, there are the worse things in the world. My clever and brave fairy ♥

Oh, little insight into our lives... and now hurry to work :-) 

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Hi my dears,

maybe you would like it ♥

20% OFF from 24 - 26 November 2017

at www.vendulkam.etsy.com

Happy Friday! Black or blue or whatever... ♥

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Hi, my dears, 

today, it was the special day. Who is following my Insta, they know, I had to tell it immediately - little bragger :-) I was a spoiled girl, today.

First of all, my KnitCrate came. Tralalala :-). I was super curious like I always am. Title of November KnitCrate is:

★ S O M E T H I N G  C O Z Y ★

And what I found, definitely was cozy. Just take a look at that.

It is Uru.Yarn specially dyed for KnitCrate. The colorway I have is called Amethyst, but they have 3 more different colorways, you could take a look here. That color combo is not common, but it is very interesting.

It is very soft 70% Superwash Merino, 10% Silk, 20% Nylon, Sport Weight. And I get 2 skeins of yarn - 230 g in total. Ooooooh ♥

I couldn't resist to watch it for a while, took a closer look from all different sides and in the different light. I spent almost 10 minutes just looking and touching that yarn, thinking about it and imagining, what I will create with it. 

OK, put that yarn down girl and take a look, what other is in the November KnitCrate Box! :-)

There are two PATTERNS. Knitting and crochet pattern, so you could decide if you take a hook or needles. I think, that I will use the needles this time. Oh, my hooks will be jealous again. But on the other side, they were on fire last days, so I think, that they will deserve some rest :-)

Knitting pattern by Hannah Thiessen - Patina Scarf  Design 

Crochet pattern by Kayla Rankin - Autumn Breeze Shawl Design

Both are written patterns in standard US terms, available in digital form, friendly to download, read and make :-). And I get also sale coupon 25% Off for my next purchase in Kayla Rankin Ravelry Store. Thank you very much! :-)

My summary:

The November KnitCrate perfectly fits November mood. The colorway of the yarn surprised me, but I like it very much. Speaking about the yarn - that is amazing. Exclusive yarn, the mixture of Superfine Merino and Silk in my hands, my heart is dancing :-) It is quite expensive, so get 230 g of yarn and two patterns for 24.99 USD in total, that is the amazing deal. They have many types of subscription so you could pick your most favorite and with my unique code MAGIC20, you will get 20% Off the first month of your subscription. Still, it sounds great, right? 

Just one look... :-)

I need to say, that if you will subscribe to KnitCrate through my link, I will get some small commission. November KnitCrate is available to the end of the November, so you have still the time to subscribe. I am pretty sure, that they prepare some Black Friday Sale also:-)

.............. ♥..............

Second thing, what happened me today was the postman knocking on the door. I get the wonderful gift from my nice customer Lenka. I felt so blessed, moved and speechless. It is wonderful. Thank you so much... ♥ ♥ ♥ She knows, that I love Santoro London - Gorjuss design. The little girl living in my heart loves it...

Thank you for reading, my dears! As I said, my hooks were on the fire and they will be in next days too. And I love it! I wrote down my November - December list, there are around 30 items on the list. Still, I love it! :-)  Keep in touch, my dears, I am pretty sure that they will be some news also :-)

.............. ♥.............. 

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Hi my dears, 

how are you? 

I was not even enough to enjoy the beauty of colored autumn and now I feel that the winter is coming. It is in the air. I guess this year, it will be the strong one. Maybe we'll have to dress properly :-)

Deer crochet hat pattern by Vendula Maderska

I used new yarn and the third hat is on my hook :-), I used hook 6mm width. It was smooth wooooork. The pattern will be very soon if you are interested in. 

What is on your hook, my dears? And do you know, that I arrange the facebook group named VendulkaM designs through your hooks and needles ♥ - I know, the longest name ever :-), but I didn't figure any other. Any suggestions? :-) where you could share the pictures of your work came out of my patterns :-)

Here it isssss:

VendulkaM patterns

I know, the title picture is in the Autumn mood, but I will change it soon :-)

 I am working on orders, I promised, some gifts and some news. I could reveal, that they will be in Christmas mood :-)  Are you looking for the Christmas? I aaaaaam ♥

I will write soon, I just stopped to say Hi ♥


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